INHOPE’s visit to the Ministry and Netpatrol

The State Secretary Tatjana Matić will meet on Thursday with Urvan Parfentyev, the representative of the international organization INHOPE and the internet service for reporting illegal Internet material and the coordinator of the Russian national center for missing and exploited children “Ne dopusti!”.

During his visit, Parfentyev will visit the offices of the Safer Internet Center and Net Patrol – the national service for reporting illegal Internet material, a project implemented by the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications in cooperation with the B92 Fund, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Telenor Foundation.

The State Secretary Matić and Parfentyev will have talks with the representatives of the relevant ministries, the representatives of the B92 Fund and all other partners who are working together on the activities of the Safer Internet Center and who are working on maintaining and improving the Net Patrol service as well as on its entry into the network of the international organization INHOPE.