Ljiljana Stankovic

MA Ljiljana Stankovic was born in 1972.

She finished Graduate studies at the Belgrade Faculty of Economics, department of Trade Management, and gained the title MA in Economics after presenting her master’s thesis “Strategies for strengthening the position of wholesale trade in marketing channels”.

In 2010, the Senate of the University of Novi Sad approved her doctor’s thesis at the Faculty of Economics Subotica, named “Effects of strengthening retailers to relations between members of the marketing channel,” which is currently being made.

Most of her previous work experience was gained in managing positions in trade companies.

As of August 2008, she is the assistant to the Minister of Trade in the Serbian Government, in charge of affairs of the internal market: trade, services, prices and consumer protection.

She attended professional development courses and participated in domestic and international professional and scientific conferences. She has published several scientific papers in the trade area.