Sector for trade, services, prices and consumer protection

Assistant Minister

The Department for Trade, Services, Prices and Consumer Protection deals in affairs regarding: functioning of the market of goods, achieving macroeconomic policies in the area of prices and policies of consumer protection; influence of economic trends on the market of goods and services; supplying the market and movement of prices and supply and demand ratios; monitoring and analysis of operations and development of trade with suggestions of measures for stabilization of market trends; suggesting systemic solutions on special import taxes, primarily for agricultural and food products (levies); preparation of professional bases for making drafts of laws, by-laws and their amendments; monitoring and application of regulations made within the purview of the Department; attracting of domestic and foreign capital in the sector of trade and services, encouraging export, construction and positioning of Serbia’s national brand; implementing established economic policies in the area of prices; monitoring and analyzing movements of prices of products and services, mostly of public companies, analyzing movements of the purchase power and living standards of people; proposing measures for the current economic policy that influence price stability; proposing temporary measures in cases of disturbances, when free forming of prices is limited; making and implementing a national and annual program of consumer protection; proposing systemic solutions and measures in order to secure protection of basic consumer rights; studying and proposing of ways and forms of informing consumers; proposing and implementing measures with the aim of raising the general level of knowledge on the need of protecting consumer rights, implementation of activities regarding education of consumers, vendors and all the interested parties in implementation of consumer protection policies; starting initiatives and submitting proposals for making and amending certain regulations with the aim of providing efficient protection of consumer rights; preparation of proposals of attitudes and opinions on drafts of regulations and initiation of proposals for amending the regulations within the purview of the Department, as well as other affairs in this area.
The Department for Trade, Services, Prices and Consumer Protection has the following more specific internal units:

1. Department for trade;
2. Department for prices;
3. Group for services and the national brand of Serbia;
4. Department for consumer protection.