Department of normative and administrative tasks

In the Regulatory Affairs Section carries out activities related to: the drafting of laws and regulations and their compliance with the regulations and standards of the European Union and the World Trade Organization within the purview of the Ministry, fulfilment of obligations of the Ministry related to the implementation of the National Programme for Integration Republic of Serbia into the European Union ; the implementation of the reform Government documents; participation in the preparation of draft international agreement from the Ministry, monitoring their application and if necessary, propose amendments; preparation of opinions on draft laws and regulations whose proponents of other state bodies; preparation of expert opinions and guidance for law enforcement and regulations from the Ministry; participation in the development platform to participate in international conferences; preparing draft opinions on draft laws and regulations in the field of postal services, which the proponents of other government bodies, organization of data collection and analysis of postal services, and making comparative analyzes, and other activities in this area.

The Department of normative and administrative task forms the following internal units:

1. Department of legislative affairs

2. Group for legal regulation of postal services

3. Group stage procedures