Lidija Stojanović

She was born in Belgrade in 1957.

She finished 12th Belgrade Grammar School in 1976, and graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade in 1981.

From 1981 to 1986, she was the specialist of planning and analysis in City Enterprise “Rad”, OOUR Društveni standard (basic organization of associated labour Social Standard department). From 1987, she was head of accounting department in “Rad” construction company.

She continued her career in the Republic Administration of Public Revenue in the Novi Beograd Department where she was the corporate tax specialist from 1997 to 2002. In the Centre of Large Tax Payers of the Tax Administration, she worked as the independent officer from 2002 to 2008.

In August, 2008, she was named Assistant Minister and chief market inspector at the Ministry of Trade and Services. After the Serbian Government reshuffle in March, 2011, she kept the same position in the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management. Since July, 2012, she has been Assistant Minister and chief market inspector in the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications.

She was member of the project and implementation team of the Electronic Application project, as well as member of the team for payment operations of revenues in the Transfer of Payment Operations from Payment Operations institute (ZOP) to Commercial Banks project, and member of the project and implementation team for Centre of Large Tax Payers project. Moreover, she used to be member of the team for business processes of the Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration.

She is national manager of the Strengthening of the Serbian market surveillance system for non-food and food products in the Republic of Serbia – IPA 2010 project.

She is member of the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Serbia.

She underwent special training courses: Anti-Corruption and Financial Fraud Training Course organized by U.S Department of the Treasury and Administratin Publique et gestion des resources humaines organized by  Ecole Nationale d Administration Paris in France.

She speaks English.

She lives in Belgrade. She is married and is a mother of two.