Sector for bilateral economic cooperation

Maja Mandrapa-Gasic
Assistant Minister
011/ 26-42-119

The Department for bilateral economic cooperation deals with issues regarding: improvement and development of bilateral economic relations; proposing and implementation of strategies and policy of development of bilateral economic relations; preparations for closing and making of documents and carrying out bilateral economic and trade relations, free trade agreements, protocols and memorandums; creating information, platforms and reminders for bilateral meetings, negotiations and talks with foreign state representatives, as well as reports from these meetings; monitoring and analyzing bilateral economic cooperation; suggesting and implementing measures for improvement and encouragement of bilateral economic cooperation; finding solutions for problems in bilateral cooperation with institutions or companies of the two sides; suggesting of founding, coordination and management of work of mixed bodies for bilateral economic cooperation, such as committees, commissions, working groups, business councils and others; coordination of work of bodies and organizations of state management regarding bilateral economic cooperation; preparation and establishing an institutional mechanism for delegating economic counselors in our diplomatic-consular missions abroad; choice of economic diplomats, managing and coordination of their work, as well as other issues from this area.
The Department for bilateral economic cooperation has the following more specific internal units:
1. Department for Europe and North America;
2. Group for the Russian Federation, Commonwealth of Independent States, China, East and Southeast Asia;
3. Group for neighboring countries and countries of the Central Europe;
4. Group for Africa, Near East, South Asia and South America.