The delegation of PayPal will visit Serbia in May – the service that will enable payments from abroad is coming soon

State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Stefan Lazarević announced the possibility that PayPal will soon facilitate the service that will enable users in Serbia to receive payments from abroad.

At the opening of the 14th International Conference on Electronic Business “E Commerce” in Palić, Lazarević said that the delegation of PayPal will visit Serbia in May, where they will meet with representatives of local institutions to jointly find a solution to launch the service that will enable receiving money via the internet in Serbia.

Lazarević noted that the regulatory reforms in the past few years brought the PayPal service to Serbia, offering the option to make payments from Serbia abroad via the internet.

“I am very optimistic when it comes to their visit, and I hope that this problem will be overcome,” said Lazarević, referring to the option to receive money via the internet through the PayPal service.

He said that the state authorities in the coming period must continue to work on improving and advancing legislation regarding electronic business in order to further improve the environment.

Lazarević also noted that the drafting of the Law on Information Security is in progress, and that, in his opinion, it will improve information security in our country.

“It is services such as Moneybookers and PayPal that provide additional security for our customers who decide to engage in some type of business on the Internet” – said Lazarević.

Speaking about the conference, Lazarević said that the “E Commerce” conference is of great importance to the promotion of electronic business, and because of its educational nature.

“Education, that is digital literacy is key to the development of e-business anywhere in the world, and therefore in Serbia,” said Lazarević.

He estimated that there was a noticeable improvement in Serbia in terms of e-business, because the number of people who buy goods and services over the internet increases every year.

Lazarević supported this claim with data that last year, approximately 900,000 people purchased goods and services via the internet, which is an increase compared to 2012, when the number was about 600,000.

“We have a constant increase in the number of people who decide to use one of the electronic services relating to business and trade, which shows that the environment for the development of electronic commerce in our country is improving,” said Lazarević.

This year’s “E Commerce” conference, which was organized for the 14th time in Palić, includes 54 presentations, seven thematic panels and two specialized workshops.

The largest conference on e-commerce and e-business in Serbia, “E Commerce” is being held in Palić until April 17.