The decree on stimulating development of local tourism was adopted

The Serbian government adopted at its session today the Decree on the conditions and ways of allocating funds for stimulating the development of local tourism by increasing tourist offer in Serbia. The stimulation of development of local tourism will be done by giving out vouchers for subsidized use of hospitality facilities in the duration of at least 5 nights.

The RSD 5,000 vouchers can be used by pensioners, unemployed, beneficiaries of the allowance for aid and care of another person, the employed with monthly income of up to RSD 60,000 and disabled war veterans with monthly income below RSD 60,000.

The decree on stimulating development of local tourism was adopted

The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications will announce, on its website (, on Monday, 22 June, a public call for all caterers who are interested in providing accommodation under these conditions, after which the list of all hotels, institutions for treatment and rehabilitation, as well as categorized local cottages, in which it is possible to use the vouchers will be published.

Interested citizens from the five abovementioned categories can apply for vouchers at the PE “Serbian Post”, and personalized coupons with a high degree of protection shall be delivered by registered mail to their home addresses.

Citizens who receive vouchers will be able to use them until the end of November this year, in the hospitality facilities from the list that will be published on the website of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.