Soon on the eGovernment Portal: public debates and payment via credit cards

Payment via credit cards on the eGovernment Portal should be launched in the next three months, stated today the director of the Directorate for Digital Agenda Dušan Stojanović.

At the launch of the new module on the eGovernment Portal, at the Palace of Serbia, Stojanović said that the intention is to enable electronic payment with three programs, the national Dina card and the international Visa Card and MasterCard.

Stojanović said that the aim is to offer full electronic services of state bodies through the eGovernment Portal, because the service is not complete if you have to go to the bank to perform the payment.

He added that testing of the payment service is in progress across the state through the mobile application “pay” (Platimo).

Stojanović said that in addition to the existing services on the website, such as scheduling appointments for making ID cards, passports, and renewing driver’s licenses, new services are being developed that should facilitate the use of the services of state bodies.

According to him, one of the new services under development is a service that will allow pregnant women to prepare all the documents they need to obtain compensation, from the comfort of their home.

At the meeting at the Palace of Serbia, the Directorate for digital agenda presented to the representatives of state administration and NGOs, an enhanced module for electronic public debates on the e-Government Portal as well as guidelines for the construction of web presentations of the state administration.

“In our opinion, public debates over the e-Government Portal can start immediately and it is up to the ministries to decide whether to do so via this portal or only through their website,” said Stojanović.