So far 79.000 vouchers have been distributed

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić has said today to “Novosti” that so far 79.000 vouchers have been distributed to the citizens who want to spend holiday in Serbia, and the action will last until October 15, and by then the number of vouchers is expected to reach 90.000.

“The effect of the voucher distribution is huge”, says Mr Ljajić, adding that it is not only about the number, but about the revitalisation of some destinations as well.

Ministry of Tourism, as he has explained, has used funds twice from the budget reserves for this action of vouchers distribution.

“Once we have used up all 60.000, we could provide with the available 300 million dinars, we allocated additional one hundred million dinars, in order not to stop the action”, he said.
Mr Ljajić has emphasized that now we have around 900 catering facility accepting vouchers while we had only 634 last year.

According to his words, the average number of overnight stays in Serbia is 7.4 now, which means that only based on those who used the vouchers, by October 15, when 90.000 vouchers will be distributed, we will have more than 700.000 overnight stays.

Minister has invited all caterers working legally to apply. “By that we move them from the grey zone, which might be an invisible, but rather important effect of these vouchers”, Mr Ljajić concluded.