Serbia’s market is the most significant one in the region

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić stated for RTS that Serbia’s market is the most promising one in the region and that there are conditions for its further growth.

“In terms of potential, we are the most significant market with a forecast growth of 50 percent in the coming years; Slovenia has 15 percent of the projected growth, Croatia a little less. Serbia remains the most important country in terms of investment of large retail chains”, said Ljajić.

According to him, Serbia is creating a favorable environment for attracting foreign investments, and that is why the beginning of the negotiations process with the EU is an important signal for all investors. Ljajić said that the second important signal is joining the World Trade Organization.

Serbia’s biggest foreign trade partners are Germany and Italy, said Ljajić. Member states of the EU account for 63 percent of the total exchange.