Serbia at the UNWTO Regional Committee for Europa

State Secretary and Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism, and Hospitality Miroslav Knežević and Renata Pindžo attended the 63rd meeting of the Regional Committee for Europe of the World Tourism Organisation of the United Nations (UNWTO) held from 11th to 13th June 2018 I Prague.

The key topic of the meeting was the encouragement of innovative ecosystems and digitalisation in tourism, and a special attention was on the UNWTO academy, i.e. development of human capital.

Mr Knežević has familiarised the attendees with the digitalisation of Serbian tourism and the creation of the E-tourist system for tourists registration, and with the proposed solutions of the laws on tourism and law on hospitality, amendments to the tax treatment of natural persons providing the accommodation services, and the experience of Serbia when it comes to digital marketing.

At the invitation of the UNWTO, Mrs Pindžo presented the new opportunities for engagement of UNWTO as a UNCT member in line with the project model based on the financing from donations, and within the signed UNDAF.

During the 63rd session of the UNWTO Regional Committee a report was submitted by the Chair about the current situation in the field of tourism in Europe and the role of UNWTO Regional Committee for Europe; report of the UNWTO Secretary General on main trends in tourism, priorities and vision of managing the UNWTO in the next period.

Meeting in Prague was an ideal opportunity to gather the representatives of UNWTO European Member States, to discuss the priorities of the international cooperation in the field of tourism in the next period.

On that occasion there was a meeting held with the UNWTO Secretary General Zurab Pololikashivili, and the UNWTO team for Europe. Through its line ministry, Serbia has achieved a great cooperation with the UNWTO and a respectable status of a member of the Regional Committee for Europe.

Within the Regional Committee for Europe the Republic of Serbia works together with other members through the activities contributing to strengthening the competitiveness of touristic destinations in the region.