Serbia as the only non-EU country participating in the construction of the Balkan Corridor

State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications Tatjana Matić has said that Serbia today in Brussels has aligned the text of the Letter of Intentions for 5G Corridor to be signed with Greece and Bulgaria, by which makes our country the only non-EU country which is a signatory of such an agreement.

Ms Matić who is in Brussels for celebrating the “2018 Digital Day” organised by the European Commission, has thanked to the European Commissioner for Digital Society and Economy Maria Gabriel for the support for a more active participation of Serbia in EU projects.

Србија једина ван Европске уније учествује у изградњи Балканског коридора

During her stay, the follow-up cooperation with the representatives of Bulgaria and Greece was agreed. The cooperation refer to the establishment of the joint transportation corridor for the implementation of various technologies, where a special task would be testing in the field of autonomous and connected vehicles.

The accent is placed on testing the cross-border transport with the driver-free cars in the vehicles having double commands. Also, the plan is to develop a network of the mobile system of fourth and fifth generation and frequency domains to be used.

Within the Digital Days, the second one, there was a discussion about new directions of science development, research, and realisation of tested technologies.