Programme for smart and safe use of new technologies presented to the pupils in Ub

State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications Tatjana Matić has told the pupils of primary schools in UB: “Rajko Mihailović”, “Sveti Sava”, “Milan Munjas”, and “Dušan Danilović”, to use the new technologies to acquire knowledge but to protect themselves from different types of internet abuse.

At the presentation of the programme of the IT Caravan 03, in the Culture and Sport Centre of Ub, the State Secretary has underlined that digital safety is something everyone should take care of, and that the children are the most vulnerable.

“Whether it is the most serious crime, such as paedophilia, human trafficking, online predators, or peer cyberbullying, data abuse or excessive use of digital technologies, all these forms of children harm leave huge consequences on their health, mental and spiritual development and can jeopardise their lives”, warned Ms Matić.
However, she has underlined the advantages of new technologies, especially in education.

Programme for smart and safe use of new technologies presented to the pupils in Ub

“Advanced education based on digitalisation opens the opportunities of the entire world in which you can be equally successful, even better that your peers from developed countries. As Dragan Džajić and Nemanja Matić, coming from your city, conquered the world, the same way you can be celebrated in any other field, especially in technology.

Since, as the language of football, the language of technology is a global language and knows no limits”, says she.

State Secretary has used the opportunity to congratulate to all the June 1st, International Child Days, celebrated with the aim to protect and promote children’s rights.

The audience was addressed by Vesna Nedeljković, Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development and Verka Lukić, Assistant Mayor of the Municipality of Ub, and the representatives of the schools were given the boards for use in teaching. A presentation was given to the pupils “How to best ruin your online life”.

Programme for smart and safe use of new technologies presented to the pupils in Ub

IT Caravan, the campaign of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications for useful and safe use of digital technologies, was conducted for the third consecutive year. This year’s programme was realised in Novi Pazar, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica and Niš, for 26 schools in those cities, i.e. over 3000 primary school pupils.

Live broadcast of the presentation organised by Niš and Novi Pazar, was viewed by around 800 schools via the Internet, i.e. 25000 pupils. There were also public promotions for the citizens while the workshops for parents were held in another six cities in Serbia: Sečanj, Zrenjanin, Leskovac, Čačak, Kraljevo, and Užice.