Mrs Božić-Trefalt: In search of a way to have all the SAB Travel passengers compensated

Assistant Minister of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications Vera Božić-Trefalt has stated early today her intention to find the way to have all the SAB Travel passengers, to whom the arrangements were cancelled, compensated.

She said on RTS that the inspection control identified that 3.572 contracts have been concluded for the entire seasons, and that the number of cancelled contracts is 2.249.

“It a difficult situation for the tourists, and what is the exact number of them, we still don’t know since every single contract must be inspected. We have the documentation, and currently are investigating the facts, which means that the inspection control is still ongoing”, says Mrs Božić-Trefalt.

“We are helping the tourists, it’s our legal obligation, to have them all compensated”, she concluded.

She explained that the guarantee of the trip 300 thousand euros for all the travellers, as defined by the Law on Tourism.

“We are all putting our efforts, starting from Juta, insurance company, owner and the inspection to have all the things settled with 300 thousand euros. If we don’t make it, we have to find another way to make compensation for the travellers”, explained Mrs Božić-Trefalt.

She added that the owner expressed his will to sell his property in order to compensate all the passengers.

“Yesterday we identified the insolvency of the SAB Travel agency, and the passengers can directly address the insurance company for the compensation”; says Assistant Minister.

She invited the citizens having these issues to address the Touristic Inspection on the mail address .

She said that the complaint period is 15 days from the day of addressing the SAB Travel agency, and they can also address Juta to start the compensation process.

Apart from the real compensation, according to her words, a passenger can file a complaint asking for non-material damage compensation.