Mr Ljajić: We are starting with the reconstruction of the Underground city of the Karađorđević family

Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić has announced today that the reconstruction of the Underground city of the Karađorđević family in Mali Zvornik will start in the first half of the year.

“We will start with a serious reconstruction of the Mysterious City of the Karađorđevićs and hopefully we’ll have the first tourists coming to this facility and meting the historical details this year”, says Minister while visiting the site in Mali Zvornik.

He added that by the end of next year the entire facility should be fully reconstructed.

“This is a unique touristic attraction which unfortunately at this point is fully unused. If it were somewhere in Spain, Italy or Germany, the government would have probably earned millions of euros from it”, Minister emphasized.

Minister made it precise that it is an underground covert for three to five thousand people, of size of five thousand square meters having 75 different rooms.

The Underground city of the Karađorđevićs, as Mr Ljajić has explained, is unique in the architectural aspect, because of the manner and place of the construction, but also because of the cultural and historical aspect.

“This is one really unique whole which has to be operational for the touristic development of both Mali Zvornik and entire Serbia”, Minister concluded.