Mr Ljajić: It is likely to revoke the decision on flour fees

Minister of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić has said early today that it is likely that the decision of Pristina regarding the fees for importing flour from Serbia will be revoked.

Mr Ljajić has told the press in Belgrade that unfortunately Serbia has to intensify the countermeasures as long as the decision is revoked.

“We have some announcements that the decision will be revoked, we haven’t been told when this will happen, but quite certainly we are not the supporters of any customs wars and countermeasures. We will support the revocation of all the barriers to a smooth flow of goods”, says Mr Ljajić.

He has explained that the damage caused by the fees is suffered not only by our exporters, and those are 30 mills exporting flour and placing the good on the market, but also, as he says, the consumers in Kosovo since the flour prices are now higher.

“If you compare the flour price before the introduction of these measures and current prices you will see that the flour price in Kosovo is increased since the mill lobby in Kosovo is using the situation, first to introduce the measures, make our produces non-competitive, and then to buy our wheat and sell the flour at the price which is by 20 euros per ton higher”, says the Minister.

In that light, the logics is, says Mr Ljajić, that it is not only a political but also an economical and interest measures.