Mr Ljajić: In April a call for privatization of Kuršumlijska spa

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić has announced that this month a public call will be made for privatization of Kuršumlijska spa.

Mr Ljajić has told to TV Prva that this year a privatization process will be launched for other spas in Serbia as well, emphasizing there are those who are interested in several of them.

“Value assessment has been carried out for Kuršumlijska spa and we are expecting that this month a public call will be made”, he stated, adding that everybody could apply.

Minister has stated that the most serious candidate is a joint stock company “Planinka”, which already manages Lukovska spa and Prolom spa.

“We have made the decision within the working group to have the value assessment done for all the spas, since we have old assessments which are not realistic. We want to determine the real market value of all the spas and that would be the starting price based on which we are going to make the public call”, said Deputy Prime Minister.

He has added that the property-legal relations are definitely the largest issue but they are not the only ones, since there are hidden or less hidden obstructions in the process.

“Maintaining the status quo is not a good solution, especially not for the users who deserve better conditions in those spas, even though we have spas in excellent conditions receiving an increasing number of tourists”, stated Mr Ljajić.

Speaking of vouchers, Minister has stated that in the first three months 30.000 vouchers have been issued, which is by 30 per cent more than in the same period last year, and we expect this year to issue more than 100.000 vouchers. The citizens are most interested in Prolom spa, Lukovska spa, Sokobanja, Zlatibor and other destinations.

Also, the Minister added that there are currently more than 900 owners of the rooming registered, in whose facilities the citizens will be able to use their vouchers.