Mr Ljajić has held a constitutive session of the National Council for Development of Tourism of the Republic of Serbia

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić has chaired today the first this year’s session of the National Council for Development of Tourism of the Republic of Serbia in the new convocation, presenting the Programme of measures for improving the development of tourism in the Republic of Serbia.

The session was attended by the Deputy Head of the Council, emeritus and directors of the Department for Post-Graduate Studies and International Cooperation of the University of Singidunum Professor Dr Slobodan Unković, who was awarded the most significant award of the World Tourism Organisation for years of successful work in stimulating the development of tourism in the world, especially in the field of education of high professional staff for tourism.

He said that he had talked today about concrete measures for stimulating the arrival of foreign tourists to Serbia but at the same time, of domestic tourists to use our quality touristic destinations.

Mr Unković has used the opportunity to congratulate to the line Ministry and the management of the Republic of Serbia and the Government for the support given to the stimulation of tourism development.

“In the third year consecutively, tourism has shown brilliant results, and this year we can expect between a billion and four hundred and a billion a half of foreign currency inflow. Those are significant results and we expected them to be even better”, concluded Professor Dr Slobodan Unković.

In today’s session the members of the Council unanimously elected the president of Alko group Miroljub Aleksić for the Head of this body once again, and the agreements is that in the next session, in addition to other topics, a proposal should be made about the promotional activities for 2018.