Mr Ljajić: 790 million dinars for touristic infrastructure

Minister of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić has said early today that this year 790 million dinars will be allocated for the projects of developing touristic infrastructure.

Visiting Divčibare, he started visiting main touristic centres in Serbia with the aim, as he has said, to hear if there are concrete projects for improving the touristic infrastructure which the ministry i.e. the government could finance or co-finance.

Speaking of Divčibare, Minister says that the year 2018 could be the breaking year for development of tourism of this mountain centre.

“We should use the arrival of brothers Teodosić who will build one big touristic complex – hotel, sport courts, wellness and spa centre. That’s precisely what Divčibare needed, and we have to follow that investment, first of all through the assistance of the government to the construction of the supporting infrastructure, but also to enrich the touristic amenities and the offer of Divčibare”, Minister explained.

He has added that it was agreed that the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications will finance the construction of the Touristic Info-centre on this mountain and support Divčibar become an all year round touristic destination.

“What Divčibare has no other mountain centre dose, and that is the advantage of vicinity of Belgrade which is only 118 kilometres, and that advantage must be used. This is why we need new investment, including government investment, primarily in the infrastructure”, Minister has said.

Mr Ljajić has menironed that at this point Divičibare does not make a significant contribution to tourism, but together with Soko spa and Palić, it is an important future touristic centre the government wants to invest in.

Apart from a relatively poor infrastructure, Minister reminded that Divčibare belongs to the fourth touristic mountain centre in Serbia, after Zlatibor, Kopaonik, and Tare, and in front to Stara planina.