Matić: The digitalization process will be completed before June 2015

State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Tatjana Matić stated today that the digitalization process will be completed before the official deadline, June 2015, which will allow not only the introduction of 4G technologies, but also the direct revenue in the budget of tens of millions of euros.

At the Regional Preparatory Meeting of the International Telecommunication Union, Matić said that digitalization will enable the introduction of broadband internet, and that substantial financial resources will go into the budget from the digital dividend through the use of the released spectrum.

Users will finally have a greater choice of services in the field of electronic communications which will also involve the employment of more people who will provide all the new services that will emerge, said State Secretary Tatjana Matić.

She added that this will result in greater competition in the market, as well as lower prices.
According to her, the Regional Preparatory Meeting was a prelude to the World Conference of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to be held next year in March, with the participation of 191 member states and more than 2000 experts in the field of IT from the most developed countries.

“We have the opportunity to host more than 40 foreign delegations and this will be an opportunity for Serbia to set its own priorities, goals and objectives when it comes to the development of electronic communications, broadband and mobile”, said Matić.
Determining our priorities will help us secure the support of countries in the region for participation at the World Conference next year.

He added that the region still faces major challenges such as difficulties in the telecommunications market where it needs more investment and that therefore it is crucial that all the members together discuss the priorities, challenges and the Strategy for the future.