Matić: 4G networks coming soon

State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Tatjana Matić, said in an interview for “Blic” that all the telecommunications operators in Serbia, especially those that provide mobile services, are very interested in buying the frequencies of the digital dividends. She explained that this would enable the use of the 4G network, in which the flow of information is much faster and which could cover the rural parts of the country more effectively.

The digitalization process releases part of the radiofrequency spectrum – digital dividends – which have great potential in terms of providing faster internet access via mobile networks, therefore, the profit for the budget from selling these frequencies is estimated at tens of millions of euros – stated Matić.

Which new services will digitalization allow to the public?

– For those who receive TV signals via antenna, the introduction of digital television will provide better picture quality and a greater choice of channels. The television signal will have better area coverage in Serbia and there is the possibility of additional options such as the ability to choose translation and subtitles for the content with the possiblity of multilingualism.

What would happen if we do not complete the digitalization process in time?

– In the event that this process is not completed on time, i.e. June 17, 2015, in addition to the formal non-compliance with international obligations, technical problems would arise regarding signal reception. Serbia would remain an “analog island” surrounded by countries that have switched to digital broadcasting. The digital signal from the neighboring countries would obstruct our analog signal in that case.

Any news regarding the PayPal service and money transfer service for the citizens of Serbia?

– There remain certain legal issues regarding the application of regulations in the field of finance in the case of payment via PayPal, and the Ministry is consulting with the relevant authorities in order to resolve those issues.