Ljajić: There is notable economic growth in the electronic industry and telecommunications

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and Domestic Trade and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić stated today at the opening ceremony of the Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances Fair (CE&HA) that Serbia has seen notable economic growth and development in the fields of IT, electronic industry and telecommunications in recent years.

Ljajić congratulated the organizers of the 3rd CE&HA Fair since it is being held despite of the economic crisis, and because it is in no manner inferior to similar events in the world, noting that CE&HA is the most significant exhibition in that field in the region.

The Minister pointed out that last year, the electronic industry made exports in the value of 864 million euros, and that the software exported was worth about 200 million euros.

According to Ljajić, in 2012, the market value of the telecommunications sector in the country amounted to a billion and a half euros.

Ljajić emphasized that the telecommunications market in Serbia is fully liberalized and still has a lot of potential for growth and development in that field.

“Serbia is becoming recognizable for its IT industry in World Lists as well; it is ranked between the 30th and the 50th place, which is its best ranking in any industry field”, said the Minister.

Ljajić added that among the 10 largest exporters in the first six months of this year, three are in the field of electronic industry.

At the fair which lasts until September 29 there are about 200 exhibitors, 97% of which are foreign, including the most prominent manufacturers of phones, computers, television sets, home appliances and audio and video equipment.

The Minister said that the fair offers reasonable prices for citizens, and the possibility of making significant business contacts for entrepreneurs. He also expressed his belief that new investors will recognize Serbia as an investment destination.

“These are fields and sectors that are marking notable economic growth and development in Serbia in the last few years”, stated Ljajić.

At the opening ceremony of the fair, the representatives of Duke-Peterson, the company organizing the fair, as well as the representatives of the companies Samsung and Toshiba stated that the visitors of the fair will find the latest products of the latest generation at affordable prices.

The sales coordinator at Tehnomanija, Željko Milović stated that the organizers wanted for the third fair to be marked with something special so they provided the latest TV models which have only just appeared on the world market with the biggest fair discounts to date. Of the six most recent TV models, four are available at the fair.

This year the event is expanded to include the Lighting Fair. The fair will be followed by a series of expert meetings, including the conferences of the world’s largest companies.