Ljajic: Detected abnormality in the warehouse of wheat and corn

Working group for establishment of emergency stocks of wheat and maize authorized Keepers of the Directorate for Commodity Reserves ended today control all the warehouses of these crops in Serbia, according to preliminary results, found that from total of 77 controlled silos, in 17 of them there is no or insufficient major quantities of wheat and corn, and in 2 more silos are irregularities in storage, said the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and Domestic Trade and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic.

It is a fact that 17 of these silos shortfall of 46,000 tons of commercial wheat and 32,000 tons of commercial corn, and the estimated amount of damages suffered because of the state is about 20 million Euros, Ljajic said.

He said that the working group next week, to the Serbian government will submitted a detailed report on its work and will proposed measures that should be taken and at the same time will require removal and classified as confidential data on the total quantities of corn and wheat which are at the stocks so that the other public authorities, especially police, prosecution and the Tax Office informed about the irregularities and magnitude of harm and take action within their jurisdiction.

Given that the control of the state corn and wheat in stockpiles is done in a quality, professional and serious way, in spite of the difficulties and risks faced by the working group, Minister Rasim Ljajic will suggest to the president of the working group, which is employed in the Market Inspection to be adequately rewarded and promoted in the service.

In the Working Group beside the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign and Domestic Trade and telecommunications were also people from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and the Directorate for Commodity Reserves.