Let’s create a better Internet together

Making the Internet a place that is both safe and interesting for children, encouraging children and protecting them, are some of the top priorities for all of us, said the State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Tatjana Matić at the debate during the Safer Internet Day at the National Assembly.

The digital environment is developing rapidly and unstoppably – children in Europe, who have access to the Internet and start with the active use of technology, have, on average, seven years of age, while 38% of children aged 9 to 12 years of age have a profile on one of the social networks, despite the age restrictions, noted Matić.

She also noted that more than 30% of children access the network from their mobile phone, adding that dozens of “Click Safely” forums were organized annually, and that the Ministry managed to raise the level of awareness, digital literacy, skills and responsibility regarding the use of technology and Internet in Serbia.

In an open debate with over 120 students and teachers from 19 schools across Serbia, Matić called upon all the participants to take part in the active and continuous promotion of safer and more responsible use of information and communication technologies.


New changes bring new opportunities and challenges for all of us, and in order to arrive at concrete ideas and proposals, it is necessary that everyone be involved in this process, including public authorities, NGOs, schools and individuals, said the State Secretary.

The Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications and the Safer Internet Center Serbia marked the International Safer Internet Day in order to create a basis on which the Internet will be a place of security, privacy and safety for all: especially for children and young people.

The Safer Internet Day is celebrated in over 100 countries around the world, including Serbia, which is active in this field since 2008 with the “Click Safely” project.

The Safer Internet Day is celebrated every second Tuesday in February, around the world, and the slogan of this year’s day is “Let’s create a better Internet together”.