Lazarević at the roundtable “Negotiations with the European Union on Chapter 10 (Information Society and Media)”

State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Stefan Lazarević participated at the roundtable “Negotiations with the European Union on Chapter 10 (Information Society and Media)”. The roundtable was held on March 4 at the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, and was organized by the Serbian Society for Informatics (DIS) and the Association of Information Technologies of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce.

As president of the Negotiating Group of the Republic of Serbia in the EU negotiations on Chapter 10, Lazarević informed the participants of the roundtable about the contents of chapter 10, the dynamics of the negotiations and the expected results.

The screening, in which representatives of the EU show their experience and the requirements to be met, is underway, and recently in Serbia a lot has been done with regard to the development of the legal framework, the adoption of strategic decisions, and the introduction of e-Government services, said Lazarević, adding that it is serves as a good, but not a sufficient, basis for accession to the EU.

Lazarević stressed that it is necessary to adopt a law on information security, electronic media and adapting the Internet to the economy. Negotiations with the EU will have a developmental character for our country, added the State Secretary.

The roundtable participants pointed to the weaknesses in the application of regulations, the lack of correlation of education and science with industry, the need for a better organized and more dynamic digitalization of all tasks and procedures, but also to the problem of lack of quality staff.

The organizers of the event have announced that they will continue to monitor and be co-operative in the negotiating process, and that they believe that the negotiation process with the EU should contribute to a more organized development of the information society in Serbia, to creating a stimulating legal framework for the application of ICT and to the increase of competitiveness of the economy on the basis of a better and wider use of ICT.