Internet dialogue of Serbia is important for solving the problems on the internet

State secretary in the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matic said on the second  Internet dialogue in Serbia that the issues related to the Internet today received a new dimension of severity, and economic issues of the development, availability and sustainability of the Internet and the issues of the right to freedom of expression, free flow and availability of information and basic human rights.

She says that the topics of today’s meeting, as a policy justification data, Internet security, privacy, digital content, e-commerce and Internet governance will not be easy at all, currently ongoing around the world.

Settlement issues that we deal today in this dialogue are no simple or quick, and because of the importance of the internet and broadband access is getting, it is clear that it will have added significance and impact on the future, said Matic.

Participation of all parties in the dialogue, as she said, encourages broader and more creative problem solving.

This is particularly important when it comes to the internet, which is being developed solely through the action of a very different sides, which gives strength to this process, because it stems from the involvement of both individuals and groups, industry, the civil society, the technical and academic experts, and of course the state administration, Matic said.

Permanent Representative of the UN in Serbia, William Infante said that the world organization is constantly working to access the data of the Serbian government to be maximally transparent, so that citizens can be based on them to make informed decisions.

If you’re talking about citizens is necessary that they have the right to access a variety of data in order to make a decision about, for example, your consumer activities. So we are at this conference addressed the issue just need to get the citizens a right of access to information, says Infante.

Serbia is, he says, a very good informed about using the Internet, from Facebook, Twitter to e-mail.

It’s a great way to push information and that citizens actively participate in solving problems, which is why the United Nations has recently launched a website where people from Serbia through SMS may indicate problems in the health sector, Infante said, adding that the ultimate goal of Serbia is more transparent, and easier place to live, work and investment.