Everything is ready for the launch of the transfer of fixed-line number service

State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Stefan Lazarević said at the roundtable “The Perspective of IT Telecommunications in Serbia”, which was organized by Bizlife, that, based on the reports of the Republic Agency for Electronic Communications (RATEL), everything is ready for the launch of the transfer of fixed-line number service, with effect from Tuesday, April 1, which will liberalize the telecommunications market.

He said that with the launch of this service, all the segments of the market will be liberalized, adding that telecommunications have a major impact on the economic and social development of a country, as well as on the gross domestic product (GDP) and the modernization of the economy.

Lazarević added that the investors who come to Serbia are interested, among other things, in our IT infrastructure, and therefore it is significant that the government has recognized the ICT sector as a priority, because that way we reform the economy on the one hand and public administration on the other.

The director of RATEL Milan Janković said that all tests have been conducted and that the central base is ready, and that all operators have fulfilled their obligations.

He added that if certain problems arise, they will be solved on the go, but all tests so far show that the service is ready.

Janković recalled that according to preliminary data, in 2013 there were about three million users of fixed telephony, and that the number of transferred numbers cannot be predicted, because there are nine operators, some of which already have a license.