Congratulations to young mathematicians for Olympic medals

State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications Tatjana Matić has congratulated to our young mathematicians for winning the medals and the impressive achievement they made at the 22nd Balkan Junior Math Olympics.

At the competition for pupils up to 15 years of age held on Rhodes in Greece 19-24 June 2018, the contestants from the Republic of Serbia, all the pupils of the Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade, have individually won two gold, two silver and two bronze medals, while as a team, in the official competition, they took the third position with achieved 156 points, behind Romania (205) and Bulgaria (177).

Congratulations to young mathematicians for Olympic medals

“Our talented children got us used to the success they make in the world competing in the field of science, but it is necessary that the government supports and awards them more”, says Ms Matić, reminding that the Ministry in charge of information society and telecommunications has allocated five million dinars for this year’s support to the participation of the young in international competitions.

“However, we still need more investments in the talented people and their future, not only for their individual achievements and for making a better reputation of Serbia in the world, but also for fostering the staff for future jobs”, State Secretary has underlined.

The team leaders of the Serbia in the Balkan Junior Math Olympics were Nenad Vulović and Milica Misojčić, and the medals were won by Dobrica Jovanović, Arsen Miković, Milica Vugdelić, Nevena Stojković, Milan Gelić and Miloš Milićev, who was among the most successful contestants, with the maximum number of points achieved on the Olympics in gen