Completion of digitalization process priority of the Ministry

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic speaking about the process of digital TV in Serbia told to TV B92 that if we see things “lege artis”, then the RBA, at the proposal of the Ministry of Culture, should announce competition for the available frequency of the former TV Avala.

However, if we look at benefit, if we look at what it entails, and what brings sales and collection of digital dividend income for the state, it is no doubt that the benefit that we do not go to the distribution of the frequencies, but that the free frequency we use for digitalization, Ljajic said.

Ljajic said that he does not want to affect on the RBA and reiterated that the ministry on which head he is, numerous times repeated that to use the former Avala’s frequency would be bring more beneficial than the new state broadcasters.

The Minister also said that in the past year a lot of things were catch up for which it was late the process of digitization.

The plan of use is implemented, distribution plan and coverage plan, and it is planning that by the end of August 2013 should be completed plan of transition from analogue to digital broadcasting, the government will adopt at its first meeting.

They started construction work on the buildings and repeaters which were destroyed during the NATO bombing.

Until 17th June 2015 we should finish this process as best as we know how, Ljajic said, adding that Serbia would otherwise be analogous spot in the digital environment with major problems that may arise with the broadcast signal in our territory.