Buyer interested in Kuršumlija Spa

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić has stated that one buyer, who successfully leads Prolom and Lukovska Spa, is interested in Kuršumlija Spa as well.

“There is a chance to solve the issue of Kuršumlija Spa very soon, with the support of the government”, Mr Ljajić has stated while visiting those spas.

He has stated that there is a chance that a domestic buyer invests in Kuršumlija Spa, as was the case with Prolom and Lukovska Spa, stating that it is a good privatisation model, since the shareholder and employees gathered and thus initiated the entire region.

Mr Ljajić has reminded that Prolom Spa is the leader in using the vouchers for encouraging domestic tourism. “We need to find an efficient and the fastest model in order to make the spa function”, Minister has said. He has pointed out that the objective of the government is to activate all the potentials, not only in the field of spa tourism but also in the tourism in general, as an important sector in Serbia.