A study on digital dividend exploitation possibilities

The Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications has conducted a study titled “A study on digital dividend exploitation possibilities in the Republic of Serbia”.

The study covers the basic characteristics of the Republic of Serbia in the field of electronic communications, reviewing the development of digital television and mobile broadband systems, with special emphasis on the interests and needs of users and providers of audiovisual and mobile electronic communications services, as well as recommendations regarding the use of this part of the spectrum in the Republic of Serbia. This study also includes basic information about theuse of the digital dividend in European countries, and especially the way in which the digital dividend was allocated and the funds received from the sale of this part of the radio frequency spectrum.

The digital dividend is part of the radio frequency spectrum that is released by the switchover to digital television broadcasting. This part of the spectrum has great potential foruse by broadband systems. After the completion of theprocess of digitalization, the digital dividend will be allocated,by public tender, to the use of mobile telecommunications operators.

Using the digital dividend for mobile broadband access will enable citizens in rural areas access to the Internet, while mobile Internet users in urban areas will have faster Internet. In this manner, citizens will be provided access to information and content anytime, anywhere and from any device.

According to various studies that have been conducted in recent years in the world, it was determined that the increase in the number of broadband Internet connections has a direct impact on the increase in gross domestic product. In addition,the parallel growth of GDP and employment indicates that broadband access has a significant impact on business growth and that it generates sustainable economic growth.