A collective agreement was signed in the public enterprise Post of Serbia

A collective agreement was signed today at the PE Post of Serbia in Belgrade; the agreement will be valid for the 15000 employees in that enterprise.

The collective agreement which defines the social and material status of the employees, with all their rights in the field of labor and employment relations will be valid for the next three years. It was signed, on behalf of the founder, by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić and on behalf of the employer by the CEO of the Post of Serbia, Milan Krkobabić.

On behalf of the employees, the president of the Syndicate of PTT Serbia, Aleksandar Pavlović and the President of the Syndicate PTT „Nezavisnost”, Snežana Marković signed the agreement.

After signing the agreement, Deputy Prime Minister Ljajić stated that it was the result of negotiations between the three parties, that it asserts the social dialog in Serbia and that it could serve as a model for other enterprises, and not just public ones.

Krkobabić stated that the agreement is an example of how a public enterprise may pay all duties related to its employees and still make a profit of almost 30 million euros in 2013, which is three times more than in the previous year.