50 schools in Serbia are taking part in the global initiative “An Hour of Code”

Assistant to the Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Nebojša Vasiljević held today a lecture to the students of the “VIII Beogradska Gimnazija” High School in Belgrade as part of the “An Hour of Code” initiative. The initiative is organized on a global level by the Computing in the Core Coalition and Code.org and will last from the 9th to the 15th of December, with the aim of bringing the concept of programming closer to students and professors.

Learning programming and acquiring computer skills is not only important for your future but for the future of our country as well because we need young people who know how to use the new technologies and tools, said Vasiljević to the participants in the “Hour of Code”. He pointed out that IT develops logical thinking and teaches children how to create new technologies and not just use them. The lecture and workshop of the #HourOfCode was attended by 60 third year students from the “VIII Beogradska Gimnazija” High School.

The Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications supported this initiative especially having in mind that accepting the potential of new technologies for increasing economic growth, employment and improving the overall quality of citizens’ life is among the priorities of any country, said Vasiljević.

40,000 organizations from all around the world applied for participation in the “Hour of Code” including over 50 schools and organizations from Serbia. Their mutual goal is to teach millions of children in over 160 countries the basic steps which will lead them into the world of programming.

The idea of the organizers of the “Hour of Code”, which was supported by Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and others, is to make programming accessible to all students and to show that any one of us can and should learn how to program. No previous experience in programming is required for taking part in the initiative. The organizer Code.org has prepared free video material to be used as tools in implementing this initiative. The video content is suitable for all age groups and can be played on PC, tablet or mobile phones.