Twinning Project IPA 2011

Twinning Project IPA 2011 – Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights


Funded by: EU-Twinning

Project duration: two years, 2014-2015

Beneficiary country: Serbia

Beneficiary institutions: Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications – Sector for market inspection (main beneficiary); Ministry of Interior; Ministry of Finance – Customs Administration; Republic Public Prosecution; Intellectual Property Office

The project is implemented by the EU administration: Danish Patent and Trademark Office and the British “Trading Standards NW”

Project Manager in Serbia: Lidija Stojanović

Partner of the Resident Twinning Advisor in Serbia: Vera Despotović, Nemanjina 22/26, 11000 Belgrade, Office 1/A, tel.: +381 11 362 05 86, e-mail:

CONTACT: Office of the RTA, Dečanska 8a, office 206, 11000 Belgrade

Resident Twinning Advisor: Michael Poulsen, Mob. +381 63415422, e-mail:

Project Objectives:

The overall objective of the project is to improve the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Serbia in accordance with the standards implemented throughout the EU in this area, which is important for the business environment and consumer protection. The project focuses on the harmonization of the legal framework with EU legislation, the strengthening of the capacity for the enforcement of intellectual property rights, including increasing the level of coordination, and the establishment of formal mechanisms for cooperation between the competent authorities, as well as increasing awareness of the harmful effects of counterfeiting.

The Project includes the following activities:

1.    Improving regulations/procedures for effective retention, storage and destruction of counterfeit products;

2.     Strengthening the capacity and increasing the level of cooperation between the competent authorities who actively participate in the enforcement of intellectual property rights;

3.      Compiling a study on the infringement of intellectual property rights, transnational organized crime and preparing for a national conference;

4.     The development and implementation of the information system on the procedures and measures of the Market Inspection Department regarding violations of intellectual property rights (INES +);

5.     Measures to increase public awareness of the harmful effects of counterfeiting and the violation of intellectual property rights.