Responsibilities of the Ministry

Responsibilities of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications:

In the area of trade, the Ministry’s responsibilities are:

– functioning of the market
– strategy and policy of trade development
– domestic trade
– trade with goods and services
– monitoring overall trade trends and proposing appropriate measures
– proposing systemic solutions and regulations in the area of special duties for the import of agricultural and food products
– initiating measures of adjusting regulations and measures of economic policy in the area of customs and non-costumes business activities
– control of quality of industrial non-food products in the production, trade and control of services
– control of standards and measurement units, use of trademarks and service marks, quality signs and origin labels
– market supply and prices
– preventing monopoly actions and unfair competition
– consumer protection
– founding and functioning of commodity reserves and stockbrokers
– inspection supervision in the area of trade
– other statutory duties

In the area of foreign economic relations, the Ministry’s responsibilities are:

– improving foreign economic relations
– proposing and implementing measures in the area of foreign economic relations
– monitoring international economic relations and multilateral, regional and bilateral cooperation with other countries and organizations and their development
– participating in closing, confirming and application of international economic and trade contracts from the Ministry’s sphere of activity, as determined by this law
– proposing of founding, coordinating and managing the work of joint commissions and committees for bilateral economic cooperation, free trade and coordination of the work of bodies and organizations of the state management regarding their work
– creating, implementing, proposing and improving regimes of foreign trade, including measures of protection in foreign trade
– harmonization of foreign trade relations with regulations of the EU, World Trade Organization and other multilateral institutions and organizations and their implementation
– trade with goods, services and industrial property rights
– special forms of foreign trade business activities
– foreign trade and improving the system of export-import control of arms, military equipment and dual-use items (controlled goods) with the approval of the Ministry of Defence
– concluding and monitoring the application of international trade contracts and agreements
– regulations in the area of foreign investments, concessions and public-private partnerships
– negotiations in making bilateral agreements on encouraging and protection of investments and preparation of law on their confirmation
– improving and monitoring economic bilateral and regional cooperation
– monitoring the cooperation of bodies of the Republic of Serbia with the international economic organizations and agencies of the United Nations.
– other statutory duties

In the area of tourism, the Ministry’s responsibilities are:

– strategy and policy for tourism development
– integrated planning and development of tourism and related activities
– development , proclamation and sustainable use of tourist destinations
– categorization of tourist sites
– implementation of incentives and the provision of material and other conditions for the promotion of tourism development
– promotion of tourism in the country and abroad
– taxes, fees and penalties in tourism
– property and legal affairs in tourism
– improvement of the value and competitiveness of tourism products
– tourism market research and the development of the tourist information system
– the conditions and manner of performing activities of travel agencies
– catering activities
– nautical activities
– tourist hunting activities
– the provision of services in tourism
– planning, maintenance and equipment of public ski areas and the provision of services at ski resorts
– planning, maintenance, equipment and services in spas , theme parks and public beaches
– inspection in the field of tourism

In the area of telecommunications, the Ministry’s responsibilities are:

– the area of telecommunications, i.e. electronic communications and postal services
– regulation and safety in the area of telecommunications, i.e. electronic communications and postal services
– inspection supervision
– determining a strategy and development policy for electronic communications and postal services
– organizing financial and technical control
– international businesses in the area of electronic communications and postal services
– measures to stimulate research and development in the field of electronic communications and postal services
– determining proposals of the plan of the use of radio-frequency bands and making a plan of division of radio-frequencies
– determining conditions for issuing individual permits for the use of radio-frequencies
– making a list of basic services of electronic communications (universal service) that operators should provide
– other statutory duties

In the area of information society, the Ministry’s responsibilities are:

– determining the policy and strategy of development of information society
– preparation of laws, other regulations, standards and measures in the area of electronic business
– preparation of laws, other regulations, standards and measures in the area of information society and ICT
– application of information and communication technologies
– development and functioning of information and communications infrastructure
– development and promotion of academic, i.e. educational and scientific research computer network
– protection of data and information security
– international businesses in the area of information society
– provision of information services
– creating conditions for the realization of projects financed by EU pre-accession funds, donations and other forms of development help in the areas covered by the ministry
– other statutory duties