Sector for multilateral and regional economic and trade cooperation

Bojana Todorovic
Assistant Minister
The Department for Multilateral and Regional Economic and Trade Cooperation deals with issues regarding: preparation and coordination of processes of the accession of Republic of Serbia to WTO, monitoring of work and carrying out of obligations that stem from membership in this organization; implementation of agreement from the WTO scope through coordination of activities of certain Ministries in charge of some areas; making WTO notifications for certain agreements in cooperation with the mentioned Ministries; coordination and participation in all the regular WTO activities and in the next rounds of multilateral trade negotiations; preparing and coordinating negotiation attitudes which Republic of Serbia is representing in WTO; organizing continuous presentations to the public about the WTO system of functioning, obligations taken during the accession process and new suggestions; improvement and development of economic relation with the EU through coordination of other sectors in the process of EU accession and communication with the central Government body which manages the process of Serbia’s accession to the EU and authorized directorates of the European Commission; improvement and development of economic relations with EFTA through implementation of a free trade agreement with EFTA; monitoring of work and carrying out obligations which stem from membership in the Free Trade Agreement in Southeast Europe – CEFTA and other economic organizations from the UN system and regional and sub-regional organizations, agreements and initiatives, as well as coordination of preparation for closing multilateral trade agreements and their implementation; monitoring of closing and realization of agreements with EU, EFTA, CEFTA; coordination of economic and trade regulations with the WTO standards and the EU; monitoring of work and activities with OECD and relevant committees, Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) – Southeastern Europe Investment Committee, Central European Initiative and other agreements and initiatives with the goal of notifying of fulfilling obligations of Republic of Serbia, as well as other institutions relevant for improving the investment environment; determining principles and strategy of politics and regime of foreign trade, coordination of politics and regime of foreign trade with international laws that regulate this area; instruments for improving the export of goods and services; trade regime, mechanisms for its implementation and special and complex forms of foreign trade; instruments for protection of domestic market from the excessive, subsidized import and import at damping prices; preparation of the draft of laws and by-laws regarding foreign trade, as well as other individual and general laws adopted by the Government; managing proceedings and other managing operations at parties’ request; coordination of work of interdepartmental committees for implementation of foreign trade measures, coordination of process of harmonization with the WTO rules, procedures of issuing permits and other documents regarding export and import of goods at the Government level, participation in international and interdepartmental bodies for harmonization of regulations with standards of international legislation and access to international organizations; cooperation and coordination of activities with companies, bodies and organizations regarding improvement of foreign trade; participation in making regulations under the jurisdiction of other departments regarding foreign trade; preparation of information for talks of state and political representatives with representatives of international organizations and initiatives; monitoring and analyzing trade, industrial and technological cooperation and other forms of trade cooperation, preparation, development and presentation of information about business possibilities and advantages of investing in Serbia; providing professional help to foreign investors in the process of choosing investment locations and acquiring licenses and permits from authorized bodies; making measures for reducing the foreign trade deficit, increasing export and improving competitiveness of domestic economy; preparation of regulations in the area of concessions and other forms of cooperation of public and private sector; defining and evaluating concession-investment priorities and analysis of effects of concessions and monitoring realization of signed concession contracts; cooperation with domestic and international institutions relevant for improving concession projects; negotiating and closing agreements on mutual incentives and protection of investments, preparation of drafts of laws on their confirmation and monitoring their realization in practice; participation in controlling the state help and preparing regulations for its realization; participation in activities of realization of Stabilization and Accession Agreement and the National Program of EU Integration and Accession to WTO; participation in preparation and proposing programs and projects of pre-accession funds and other EU programs and other means of international help; creating and implementing politics of foreign trade of armaments, military equipment and dual-use items in accordance with international obligations; starting initiative and participation in making of laws and other regulations from the area of foreign trade of armaments, military equipment and dual-use items (controlled goods); cooperation with other state management bodies and participation in the work of interdepartmental working bodies for implementation and coordination of regulations with standards of international legislation and accession to international organizations and international control regimes; issuing export and import permits and other documents that monitor foreign trade of armaments, military equipment and special-purpose goods; keeping a register of people who can deal in foreign trade of controlled goods; keeping records and forming a database on accepted requests and issued permits and other documents; making an Annual report on realization of foreign trade turnover; making annual reports in accordance with international obligations and requests of international organizations (UNCTAD, OEBS) and foreign institutions that deal in control of products of armaments and dual-use items, as well as other activities in this area.
The Department for Multilateral and Regional Economic and Trade Cooperation has the following more specific internal units: 1. Group for the World Trade Organization; 2. Department for the European Union (EU) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA);3. Group for cooperation with international economic organizations OUN, CEFTA and other multilateral and regional organizations and initiatives; 4. Group for foreign trade system and protection measures;5. Group for support to foreign investors;6. Group for support to exporters;7. Department for agreements on mutual incentives and protection of investment, concession and foreign trade of controlled goods. 

Department for agreements on mutual encouragement and investment
protection, concessions and foreign trade of controlled goods
phone: 011/ 285-52-03
011/ 285-51-62