Using information against digital violence

State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication Tatjana Matić, has announced that the National Contact Centre for Online Safety of Children will start operating in late February, through which the citizens will be able to inform and educate themselves on online safety, but also to report inadequate, disturbing and dangerous contents and situations on the Internet.

At the press conference at the Centre for improving the culture of life and work – ŽIR, for presenting the project “Using information against digital violence”, State Secretary has underlined that in addition to the institutional reaction in this field, of great significance is also the support to civil initiatives for increasing digital safety and digital literacy of the youngest.

Using information against digital violence

“Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications has supported the project “Using information against digital violence”, having recognised in this proposal the method which has the most piercing influence in today’s monitor-ruled culture. Addressing the citizens, especially the children, has the most powerful effect through video formats. Such an initiative and programmes significantly contribute to a direct and fast way of reaching the awareness of children when it comes to safety risks which they might face in the online environment.”

Ms Matić has reminded that the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, within the programme of non-government organisation programme support, for this year has supported also other programmes in the field of online child safety, for 20 non-government organisations in total.

“We expect other projects to be visible and strong enough, so that a large number of children, but also adults, could become aware of potential risks of using the Internet”, State Secretary has concluded.