Mr Ljajić: Serbia is asking that Kosovo withdraws the import fee for flour

Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications has made a protest to the Temporary self-government institution in Pristina in charge of the implementation of CEFTA Agreements, and to the UMNIK representatives, asking for the withdrawal of the so called protective measure since 23 October, by which it introduces special import fees for flour from Serbia in the amount of 40 euros per ton, says Minister Rasim Ljajić.

“This is a classic out-of-the-customs barrier for prevention or stopping the import of flour from Serbia, warned Mr Ljajić. The protective measure of the Kosovo’s authority, as he has explained, was introduced because “allegedly” the flour coming from Serbia is sold for the price lower than the market price, i.e. the production price, which is, as Mr Ljajić claims, is completely untrue since the price of the flour exported to the market of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro is almost identical and there have been no complaints by these partners.

“Therefore, there are no different prices for the region. The only difference in the price per kilogram of flour can be made by the costs of transport, so in that respect it is logical that flour will be a bit cheaper in Pristina than for example in Tirana”, Minister explained. He added that this is a protectionist measure adopted under the pressure of Kosovo’s ministerial lobby.

The fee of 40 euros per ton is, as claimed by the Minister, just so much to make the import of flour from Serbia cost-prohibitive.

“If this measure is not withdrawn, we will ask for an emergency meeting of the CEFTA Joint Committee to put this issue on the agenda, and at the same time we will address the competent bodies of the European Commission”, concluded Minister.