Mr Ljajić opening the „First Wine Marathon“ in Palić

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić has opened today the event “First Wine Marathon” in Palić, and stressed that this festival has the potential to become one of the most visited ones in Serbia.

Љајић отворио „Први вински маратон“ на Палићу

“This event held for the first time is a curiosity of the kind, having in mind the fact that we have nine registered wine roads and also eight wine oases. I’ sure this event has the potential to become one of seven or eight most important, most numerous and most visited ones in Serbia”, says Mr Ljajić in Palić. He has added that this year “First Wine Marathon” has a thousand participants, and that the festival will host over 100 thousand tourists, expecting one fifth of them to be foreigners.

“We are breaking the ice today, we’ve taken over the experience of other countries having a richer tradition in organising such marathons, primarily the Wine marathon in Bordeaux”, added Minister and expressed his belief that next year the festival will host even more people.

Љајић отворио „Први вински маратон“ на Палићу

Mr Ljajić has estimated that this is the best way to brand Palić and Subotica as touristic destinations, but at the same time to brand Serbia as an important destination when it comes to this type of tourism.

Minister has reminded that in Serbia there are around 900 events, and if including those of minor significance, there are even up to 3.000.