Ljajić: We expect a million tourist in Belgrade next year

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić has said early today that we have all the preconditions in terms of tourism to be even more successful next year than this one and make Belgrade reach the score of one million tourists.

“Our goal is a million or approximately a million tourists visiting Belgrade next year. This year there will probably be over 850 thousand”, Mr Ljajić has said while visiting the installed tourist signalisation at the Belgrade fortress in the park of Kalemegdan.

When speaking of Belgrade, he has said that the upward trend when it comes to the number of tourist is evident, since the capital city was visited by 600 thousand foreign tourists in the first nine months this year.

“It is a record number for the capital city, but it is not our final number”, he has stressed, adding that the Ministry will continue, together with the City of Belgrade, to work on projects to make the touristic offer complete. As he has said, various infrastructure works on several locations, which are mostly visited both by foreign and national tourists, are ongoing.

“In addition to Kalemegdan, there are also the House of Flowers where we are also going to reconstruct a part of the House of Flowers, especially the part regarding additional contents for tourists and we are also going to work on the complex of the Avala Tower”, Mr Ljajić has stated.

Minister has also said that he expects an inflow of Chinese tourists due to the introduction of the visa-free regime and direct flights between China and Serbia.

The chief city urbanist Milutin Folić has stated that the installation of tourist signalisation is only the first step of development of Kalemegdan, reminding that the lanes on Kalemegdan, which is the epicentre of the touristic offer of Belgrade, were developed.

The director of the company “Belgrade Fortress” Petar Andrijašević has said that all installed signalisations are in two languages, in Serbian and English, and that three are even on the Braille Alphabet and they are the first boards on the Belgrade’s fortress which are adjusted to blind and visually impaired people.

The Ministry, in cooperation with the City of Belgrade, has realised a twinning project of installing 44 boards with basic tourist information about history and significance of facilities located on Kalemegdan and Belgrade fortress, which is visited by 770 thousand people every year.