Ceremonial academy on the Day of Mathematical Grammar School

State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications Tatjana Matić, has congratulated to the teachers and pupils of the Mathematical Grammar School for the 51st anniversary of establishment of this school, at the ceremonial academy in the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Belgrade.

Свечана академија поводом Дана Математичке гимназије

“Mathematical Grammar School is a pride of this country. Young talents it nourishes and develops represent Serbia in the best light and also give a huge contribution to Serbian and world science”, State Secretary said, emphasizing that the success achieved by the pupils of this school at international competitions is fascinating, which speak of the efforts and consistency of the teachers to implant a permanent love for science and knowledge.

“Of special importance is to encourage various exchanges of experience and knowledge with the peers form other countries, because of the global context in which the computer science, as well as the entire scientific life revolve. This is the reason of the special praises for the organisation of the Cup of the Mathematical Grammar School held this year for the fifth time”, says Ms Matić, reminding that the Ministry in charge of telecommunications endorsed this competition from the very beginning, and also other programmes contributing to raising the capacities of the young for the need of the time.

Свечана академија поводом Дана Математичке гимназије

She has expressed her expectation that the introduction of computer science as obligatory subject in primary schools, will bring new generations to that school and accept a large number of pupils interested in the field of information science. “We believe that in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, there is the key to the development of the missing personnel, i.e. that most stable and efficient way to the national and economic prosperity. It is up to use to ensure that, primarily through the improvement of education which is the foundation of every progress”, State Secretary has concluded.

Principle of the Mathematical Grammar School Srđa Ognjanović has thanked to the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications, in particular to the State Secretary Tatjana Matić, for personal effort to make this institution be one of those of national interests and get the deserved support.

On this occasion recognitions have been handed by the friends and associates of the Mathematical Grammar School, to the best pupils, and the gift for the retirement of teacher Zoran Kadelburg, former pupil of the first generation of this school, established on 19 September 1966.